Image of historical premises Ebern Germany.

Our History

WEIGANG – The Beginnings of a traditional Company

1923. An eventful year. Gustav Stresemann becomes Reich Chancellor, the Ruhr area is occupied, and a loaf of bread costs 223 billion Reichsmark. At this time, Georg Jahn founds his own company as a business consultant. He wants to aid companies on their path to greater profitability by developing simple, functional instruments for better planning and organisation.

The idea of our company’s founder is received enthusiastically, his company grows. 1936, the WEIGANG-Organisation Ltd. is founded as a publishing house in Dresden. A few years later, the buildings have been reduced to rubble in the war. But the German middle class won’t be discouraged so easily. In 1945, the new start already occurs in Ebern.

  • 1923: Self-employment of company founder Georg Jahn business consultant
  • 1935: Takeover of the printing house Weigang Brothers in Bautzen
  • 1936: Founding of WEIGANG Organisation Ltd. as publishing house in Dresden
  • 1945: Complete destruction in Dresden, start in Ebern, Schloss Eyrichshof
Picture of company founder Georg Jahn Senior.

The WEIGANG founder Georg Jahn senior.

Steady Growth – steady Advancement

1964 engineer Just Jahn takes over. A pragmatist and a philosopher. Someone who understands the nature of success: “Humans need simple organisation.” The simple is actually the clever, and the simpler someone can explain complexity, the more their expertise are demonstrated. Especially today, where requirements are becoming increasingly comprehensive, the cleverness of this statement is revealed.

  • 1953: Production of planning equipment in the new premises in Ebern
  • 1964: Takeover of management through Just Jahn in Würzburg 
  • 1968: Takeover of the company Primoris-Organisation Ltd.
  • 1978: Foundation of the WEIGANG MCS Microcomputer Ltd.
  • 1979: Foundation of the consultancy WEIGANG-Industriedienst Ltd.
  • 1982: Takeover of the organisational media division of Esselte-EKAHA
  • 1993: Takeover of the Definitiv Organisation Ltd.
  • 2000: Conversion of the WEIGANG Organisation Ltd. to a stock company
  • 2006: Entry of Georg Jahn into the board of directors, continuation of the family tradition
  • 2007: Relocation of the WEIGANG plc. to Ebern
Image of past CEO Just Jahn.

Just Jahn took over the management.

Our Strengths

We produce in Germany and which is partly why we are a recognised manufacturer. Additionally, we count on physical proximity. It is still helpful today to be able to visit and advise a customer quickly. For this reason, we work with a closely linked network of partners.

  • 2011: Recognition of German manufacturer
  • 2014: Concentration of the sales expertise in Ebern
  • 2015: Establishing of the new area WEIGANG.NEO
  • 2016: Takeover of the Definitiv Organisation Ltd. Vienna
  • 2017: New CD and new brand story 
  • 2018: Expansion of the sales structure (WEIGANG-Südbayern, WEIGANG-Südwest)
  • 2020: Launch of the WEIGANG Online Shop
Historical picture of WEIGANG in 1957 in Ebern Germany.

The company premises at the Bahnhofstraße (Ebern in Germany)  in 1957.