Agile working.


Co-Creation with launchlabs

In the area of Design Thinking, we developed a new type of board together with our co-creation partner launchlabs. launchlabs developed its own workshop concept for design thinking and agile methods. This required extremely light boards. Simon Blake, managing director of launchlabs, approached us with this wish. Right from the start, we created the Ideaframes together as partners: a very light board with velcro tape on the back. This enables the user to attach the board to the appropriate Teamboard. It is stored in a matching table, the Teamdesk.

The jointly developed board: Ideaframe! (Image: Copyright launchlabs / Photographer: Christoph Leib) 

Why was the Board designed this way?

In the creative process, the blackboard serves primarily as a medium for capturing and visualizing ideas. Nothing should distract the user - especially no thoughts as to where the blackboard is to be written down. The Ideaframe is exactly where it is needed: on the wall, on the shelf or on the table, exactly where people are discussing or creatively exchanging ideas. The specially developed table also plays a central role in launchlabs' workshop concept. The Ideaframe is designed in such a way that it can be stored in the table - once the creative process is complete, the table can simply "disappear" and is neatly stowed away.

The co-creation continues alongside these first table types. We will continue to develop further helpful tools for design thinking and agile methods together. Discover our product world with Teamboard, Teamdesk or the Sit Stand in our shop

Co-creation of WEIGANG and Launchlabs.

Design Thinking is an exciting process for creative people. (Image: Copyright launchlabs / Photographer: Christoph Leib) 

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