Agile working.


The Design Thinking Board - a central element for agile working

Together with our co-creation partner launchlabs, we developed a new Design Thinking Board for agile working groups. As part of their design thinking workshop concept, launchlabs was looking for an extremely lightweight board that could be used flexibly as a design thinking board and would integrate perfectly with launchlabs' design thinking furniture concept. Simon Blake, the managing director of launchlabs, approached us with this request. From the beginning, we created the Ideaframes together as partners: a very light Design Thinking Board, which is equipped with Velcro on the back. This allows the user to attach the board to the matching team board. It is stored in a matching Design Thinking table, the Teamdesk.

Design Thinking Board Ideaframe

Design Thinking Board "Ideaframe

The extremely lightweight, mobile whiteboard is magnetic and writable. The Velcro dots on the back make it flexible to fix to the Design Thinking shelf "Teamboard" or to a corresponding prepared wall.

The Ideaframe is available in two sizes:

    700 mm x 500 mm
    700 mm x 1000 mm

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Why was the Board designed this way?

In the creative process, the blackboard serves primarily as a medium for capturing and visualizing ideas. Nothing should distract the user - especially no thoughts as to where the blackboard is to be written down. The Ideaframe is exactly where it is needed: on the wall, on the shelf or on the table, exactly where people are discussing or creatively exchanging ideas. The specially developed table also plays a central role in launchlabs' workshop concept. The Ideaframe is designed in such a way that it can be stored in the table - once the creative process is complete, the table can simply "disappear" and is neatly stowed away.

The co-creation continues alongside these first table types. We will continue to develop further helpful tools for design thinking and agile methods together. Discover our product world with Teamboard, Teamdesk or the Sit Stand in our shop

Co-creation of WEIGANG and Launchlabs.

Design Thinking is an exciting process for creative people. (Image: Copyright launchlabs / Photographer: Christoph Leib) 

The matching Design Thinking furniture to the board

Discover our Design Thinking furniture with Teamboard, Teamdesk or the Stand Sit Box and create the perfect space for creative work. With this functional design thinking furniture in fresh modern design, agile work is twice as fun and creativity knows no boundaries.

Design Thinking Table "TEAMDESK

    Standing table for 4-5 persons
    Table top made of white coated birch multiplex
    oak legs on black castors
    Shelf for up to 8 design thinking boards Ideaframe
    dimensions 1076 mm x 1040 mm x 700 mm

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Design Thinking Accessories MAGNOTES

    magnetic backside
    flexible movable
    easy to wipe off with a damp cloth, therefore reusable
    two versions: 76 x 76 mm and 152 x 76 mm.

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Design Thinking Flexiboard

    Space for a total of seven square meters of our interchangeable Ideaframes
    Mobile use thanks to castors
    Fabric surface improves room acoustics
    Dimensions: 700 mm x 1980 mm x 610 mm

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Design Thinking Shelf "Teamboard

The Design Thinking shelf has an open design. So you always have access to the right things to record and visualize ideas. The team board can also serve as a holder for the design thinking board "Ideaframe" and can thus be quickly transformed into a mobile whiteboard. At the end of the workshop, it functions as a mobile organization system and helps to clean up quickly.
Dimensions: 1076 mm x 1980 mm x 610 mm
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Design Thinking Stand GRANDSTAND 2-tiered

This Design Thinking stand made of maritime pine can be used flexibly due to its castors and even offers some storage space. The individual elements can be combined in any way and thus adapt ideally to any situation.

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Design Thinking Stand GRANDSTAND 3-tiered

This Design Thinking stand made of maritime pine can be used flexibly due to its castors and even offers some storage space. The individual elements can be combined in any way and thus adapt ideally to any situation.

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Design Thinking Furniture "Sit Stand"

As the name suggests, this design thinking furniture adapts flexibly. Lying flat on the floor it serves as a bench for communicative exchange, upright the "Standing Sitting Box" can be used as a standing desk or a small shelf. Thanks to the integrated castors, it can also quickly change its place of use.

Dimensions: 490 mm x 1040 mm x 450 mm

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More Design Thinking furniture in our online store "what if we fly"

Order Design Thinking furniture and accessories for your creative spaces in our online store. Agile working is a real pleasure for all participants with our methodically functional and attractively designed furniture. Whether Ideaframe, Teamdesk, Grandstands (2-tier or 3-tier) or the Taskboard, all our Design Thinking furniture is ideally matched and skillfully supports your creative process.

Take a look at our what if we fly online store and get inspired!

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