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World of Topics


Most people have already encountered WEIGANG-products somewhere: flip charts, Kanban solutions, job order pockets, or planning modules in production – everyone knows them.

However, with all this there is more than meets the eye. On the one hand of course more experience than that of other producers – on the other far more sensitivity for the issues of our time.

How is this possible?
For generations, we at WEIGANG have been engaging with different markets and their requirements, have grown, have thought of the future, developed trends with them, have constantly adapted to the evolution of manners of communication and organisational structures, have thought about processes in new ways and redefined methods. We have gone through all that without questioning the tried and tested – maybe that is something like our secret recipe as hidden champion. For every type of change needs an anchor.

Our “anchor” is our knowledge. Without it, we could never develop future-oriented topics like LEAN INTELLIGENCE. For one has to have seen, experienced, thought through, undergone, and tested much for oneself, in order to be able to assuredly define the single correct solution for a customer.

We can do that: Not reinventing the wheel, but rather realising the potential of future issues and judging them cleverly. 

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Methods – intelligent practical Application

In multiple interesting customer projects, WEIGANG has been able to demonstrate method knowledge, consultation competency on site, and long years of practical know-how. Different projects, like the implementation of Kanban processes, consultation in the shop floor area, and LEAN Management, as well as the introduction of agile methods like scrum have competently been accompanied by WEIGANG consultants on site. On the following pages, you will receive insights into the development process of the solutions with the customer, and their intelligent realisation. Additionally, you will receive background information, like explanations of terms or useful hints for the implementation of diverse methods, for example.

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Mega Trends – intelligently put into Practice

Digital transformation, IoT, agility – Highly topical mega trends and their consequences for markets, products, and logistics challenge companies in interesting ways. WEIGANG takes these topics up and develops intelligent solutions for all industries from them. The TaskBoard for agile project management or digital planning boards to track orders are examples for intelligent solutions from WEIGANG manufacturing. Speak to us and our experts and you will be surprised at the possibilities that we can develop and implement for you.  

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Science – Cooperations and innovative Projects

WEIGANG intensively deals with trends and topics on the market. Additionally, WEIGANG takes up methods like Kanban, scrum, or LEAN Management and develops future oriented products for intelligent practical application. Besides the decades of experience, WEIGANG also profits from the participation in scientific projects. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute or the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences for example, trendsetting projects and methods are developed. Thereby, WEIGANG stays close to the market and guarantees high methodical expertise and the innovative advancement of existing solutions.