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Leading innovator in production organisation of the future

WEIGANG.NEO stands for modern, revolutionary and innovative process organisation applications of the future. By combining conventional document-based organisation with opportunities from IoT we are able to realise a visionary concept of future production organisation today: production organisation of the future includes decentralised shop floor management that makes people the directors of added value, as well as encompassing the coexistence of the shop floor and top floor, networking (IoT*), real-time image of production and efficient process management. It is often the case that a central ERP system fails to reflect the reality on the shop floor. That’s why we think revolutionarily different: decentral, bottom-up, from shop floor to top floor – this is our approach. People become the directors of added value and it is the human brain that is in control, being quicker and better than any computer, managing the individual production steps or deviations decentrally. We offer these directors total transparency and planning control on the shop floor using our networked boards, our technologies and the support of our assistance system. Processes thereby become tangible; people become actively involved as problem-solving, creative and competent organisers and decision makers.

Charts of WEIGANG.NEO digital Transformation.

WEIGANG.NEO is the innovation leader in production organisation 4.0.

Creating a system that learns

Skills like flexible and creative thinking, methodical expertise and the ability to make decisions are essential on the shop floor. In addition, it is necessary to have complete transparency on the shop floor in order to increase confidence in decision making. WEIGANG.NEO offers you the right support in organisational and technical processes. Complementary collaboration between people and machines produces more efficient solutions – a system that amplifies skills.

“A person continues to be the final authority for all industrial decision-making processes. And where people act, a system that learns is created, which then optimises itself,” explains Prof Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kramer – professor of production architecture of the future at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.


Our expertise is digital Transformation!

Our portfolio covers networked as well as conventional planning boards for planning, controlling and managing production, networking cyber-physical production systems as well as assistance systems for user-oriented, efficient process management. We provide solutions tailored to your needs: from collecting information by means of barcode, QR code, NFC or UHF-RFID, optics or sensors, through interactive applications such as eKANBAN and smart process management as well as ERP interfaces to your production. Our project team works together with you to create your custom production organisation of the future application. Think decentrally, manage directly on the shop floor, make your employees directors of their added value, control your processes efficiently and develop your production organisation with WEIGANG.NEO!

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We make networking possible.