Documenting in practice.


Visualising Information with Signals

Searching wastes valuable time. Especially in the medical profession this is obstructive when processes have to run very quickly.

For this, we offer you a helpful tool: index card systems. The index cards’ clearly concise and simple marking automatically directs the gaze at the right information. Therefore, this system is perfectly suited to patient documentation. Additionally, we have developed and designed the index cards in such a way that they can be integrated effortlessly into existing systems.

Which insurance is this patient with, is it a high risk patient, which allergies do they have? Through visualisation with the help of colour-coding, these index cards can be organised simply and effectively. Thereby, the inner-alphabetical sorting of the cards within files becomes unnecessary. Misfiled cards are visible at a glance. Due to the punch holes, the signals are held in place securely.

The guide card also serves as a visualisation tool for the quick and easy filing of clear patient information. Simultaneously, it serves as a clear organising of all files.

Our systems are designed intuitively in order to guarantee easy handling.

Documentation system WEIGANG-Definitiv.

Our index card systems help you to deal with your documentation effectively.

Index Card for patients WEIGANG-Definitiv.

Colour coding closed at the top

A clear separation of the guide cards in combination with the clearly visible colour coding guarantees sure and easy work.

With the help of the coloured signals, markings can easily be made in the numerical as well as in the alphabet-top bar: Patients’ last names, special risks of diseases, or their medical endurance can that way be determined at a glance. Absence cards indicate missing documents or incomplete processes.

In addition to that, every patient’s card can optionally be fitted with two tack strips for the separate filing of supplementary sheets and observations. Thereby, an ideal overview and assignment of important information within the files is achieved.

Holistic attachments WEIGANG-Definitiv.

Holistic Range of Opportunities

As a supplier of holistic solutions, we also offer the appropriate accessories to our index card system. Colour signals and markers, as well as alpha signals.