We connect People, Technology, and Organisation!

We develop methods and solutions for humans! – We do this to guarantee companies the advancement of their organisation and the collaboration within the companies themselves. And always have our vision in mind: to make people enjoy organizing and communicating.

Technology as a supporting element, in order to guarantee a bare minimum of intelligent, digital networking. Conclusion: Methods and solutions based on humans for better organisation. Only as much technology as necessary, not as much as possible.

Focus on Human Beings

Many companies make this claim – for us, it carries weight doubly: For one thing, problem-solving expertise, quality, and customer orientation is impossible without active people from WEIGANG. For another, mega trends like IoT and digitalisation are nothing but pure theory without human intelligence behind the wheel. In practice, the future needs experienced employees, who bring high tech cleverly to high performance …

Everything is in Motion

Organising, visualising, communicating are “human” concerns: Today more than ever, professionals in all industries need clear guardrails and assistance in the increasingly complex world of work 4.0. And fully automated processes will always need one thing, too: the responsible planning, management, and control through humans. We at WEIGANG connect the “employee 4.0” efficiently and effectively with tasks of today and the future. Complexity must be reduced, communication made more transparent, and projects structured intelligently in a way that humans as main actors in the service provision find their way as easily as possible in the digitalised world’s new work environment. For this, we develop solutions, strategies, and products that can do both: motivate and integrate.

Our focus is on the people!

Empathy as a Motor

We at WEIGANG have to understand from the bottom up what encourages and demands humans, what moves them, and how they act in their work. Only then can we develop “perceptible” and “living” products that noticeably add value to the daily work life. For the qualification of every single WEIGANG employee, this means bringing above average soft skills to the company, besides excellent know-how:

The personal initiative of every single one is the fertile ground for our understanding of quality and our striving to improve a little more every day.

The sustainability, with which every single one of us works, gives employees, partners, and customers the security to become a healthy, dependable service provider in the long run.

Orientation towards the premium market continues to make us, as a German family business and large employer in the region, competitive and stable in future as well.

The Identification of our employees with the company lets us constantly surpass ourselves as is the basis for our continuous further development.
The respect with which we treat others creates the foundation for honest, sensible, and authentic relationships that endure for life.

People walking throug modern company.

Humans play an important role – also in our company!

Our Brand Story

Our brand wants to inspire people with the following brand criteria: 

A) Openness and empathy
Our intelligent solutions ensure that people can work better, more efficiently, more agile and more communicatively. We use the right technique and method in the right place and thus create a clever connection between man and process. The clever combination of the right means and media (e.g. haptic comprehension and digitisation) with the individual requirements and personal skills of the customer creates added value.
B) Flexibility and creativity
Our intelligent solutions bring future-oriented flexibility to dynamic markets. We are imaginative and experienced enough to constantly adapt to the diverse "languages" of our customers. On this basis, we develop solutions that connect seemingly contradictory worlds: the digital with the analog world, human individuality with standardization, the systematic with the creative.
C) Reliability and economy
Our intelligent solutions help to reduce complexity and realize leaner processes - in harmony with the important "human factor" and its creative strength. Together with our customers, we design their entire value chain in a sustainable "healthy" manner by cleverly combining proven standards with new communicative ideas and innovative techniques.

Weigang Marken-Story.

We want to inspire with our brand. 

Mission and vision 

Our mission: 

We are developers, manufacturers and distributors of solutions for all individual organisational and communication tasks in the working world. This "combined" competence differentiates us substantially from our competitors and secures our existence in the future.

Our vision: 

We want people to enjoy organising and communicating. To realize this vision, we at WEIGANG make sure that we do our own work with joy and passion. We are enthusiastic - and want to inspire others.

Grafik Weigang Ebern, Mission und Vision

The mission and vision of WEIGANG.