Man is planning with WEIGANG-AV Planing Board.



Planning with Planning Boards is as current as ever

Nowadays the measure of processes and workflow is huge. Due to mega trends like IoT and digitalisation, complexity in daily work life will continue increasing. Therefore, reducing the complexity and amount of processes and harmonising them with humans through intelligent organisational solutions is indispensable. Planning boards are a helpful tool for this. As experts for intelligent organisational solutions, we offer you an extensive planning board-solutions portfolio.

A Team is working with WEIGANG Planing Board Kanban.


We are the experts for your planning. With our many different planning board solutions you can manage your capacity, shift assignments, incoming orders, or your inventory. With our wide range of solutions we can structure, display and plan your desired parameters – and you thereby improve your efficiency! Additionally, we offer you the possibility of endless planning and subsequently extendable systems.

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Intelligent organisational systems structure your tasks and support you in processing them reliably and on time.

We develop organisational solutions tailored to specific needs for industry, administration, and medical institutions. We offer special solutions for administration, documentation, and scheduling, but also planning boards and visualisation systems for the medical sector in particular – everything from one provider: WEIGANG.