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Reaching the Goal with Presentation Equipment

As moderator of meetings, seminars, and workshops, flexibility, efficient time management, and goal-oriented work are indispensable. However, these conferences can quickly become boring for the listener, attention drops, and with it the production of new ideas. Accordingly, nearly every company uses professional presentation equipment, in order to make conferences, workshops, and seminars interactive. Thereby, the listeners’ attention can be focused, which makes it possible to reach the desired goals more quickly. We produce presentation and pin boards in high quality.

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Structure your meetings efficiently!

Flexible FlipCharts for moderation with Weigang.

Professional Presentation Boards

Our product range contains a broad portfolio for professional presentations: Different surfaces like blackboard, felt, or cork enable you to creatively design your meetings, seminars, or workshops. We also offer a writeable, dry wipeable, ferromagnetic surface. Naturally, we can accommodate your wishes when producing the board, for example in regard to the colour scheme, so that your corporate design requirements can be implemented. In order to ensure an intelligent application, the presentation boards are mobile and both sides can be used.

Image of presentation case from Weigang.

Fitting Presentation Accessories - all from one Supplier

As a provider of holistic solutions, we not only produce presentation boards, but also supply you with the fitting accessories: presentation toolboxes, pens, magnets, flip chart pads - from us, you receive everything from one supplier. We have also developed suitable furniture for you and your needs: our StewardDesk, for example, lockable and mobile, as well as with a freely selectable interior.