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Our Key Competencies


Our Competencies at a Glance

Nowhere else do processes run as smoothly as they do in nature. Here, there is not too much or too little of anything, everything has a purpose and an aim. The ecological principle is lean – always the proper amount of everything. And we are fascinated and inspired by this every day.

We want exactly this natural amount of efficiency for organising, communicating, and visualising within companies. Our solutions for the world of work are logical, intuitive, and designed in a lean way. Only necessary things produce added value. In doing so, we count on the intelligent human being at the centre, and the human’s natural desire to order and understand things. We provide generic solutions that support human creativity effectively. Thereby, we help reduce complexity and let healthy structures grow.

The WEIGANG principle is based on efficient approaches:

  • We advise on site, in order to evaluate potentials holistically.
  • We coach and accompany our customers during implementation, to ensure that successes are reached in a sustainable way.
  • We introduce our holistic perspective into every project, so that synergies between operations, functions, or processes can also be used effectively.

Consultation, Support, and Development

We won’t leave you hanging! Together with our advisors, we analyse your situation on site, in order to develop the proper solution to satisfy your needs and requirements – individually and ideally tailored to you!

We will accompany you on your way to intelligent organisation, visualisation, and communication: from the analysis, over the development of solutions, to the implementation in your company. We are at your side and introduce our decades of experience into the implementation of your project.

Team working with Planning System Plano.

Intelligent Organising - Planning and Structuring 

What does this mean?
In many companies today, organisation of workflow has reached a high level of complexity: Some are engaged in the process of shifting from analog to digital information management, others have to integrate existing technologies into new workflows or vice versa.

Intelligent organisational solutions help reduce complexity and the amount of challenges, as well as making them future-oriented in connection with the “human element“. For even in the time of IoT, digitalisation, rationalisation and Big Data, the human will always remain the main user of information and communication. We create new perspectives around the human.

How does this work?
Together with the customer, we design their entire value chain to be sustainably “healthy” by cleverly combining tried and tested standards with new communicative ideas and innovative techniques. Organisational means must be “lean, not “frugal”, in order to enable companies to work efficiently.

We ourselves have been successfully active on the market for generations and know how to best organise and structure ourselves over the course of time. Part of this is always an intelligent handling of materials, financial means, resources, the environment, etc. We introduce this experience with “LEAN INTELLIGENCE" into the work with our customers and thereby ensure economic results with foresight.

Man with VisuModul WEIGANG Visualisation.

Intelligent Visualisation - Visualise, Label and Equip

What does this mean?
Current studies prove that understanding and learning processes are most successful when multiple senses are involved simultaneously. Therefore, the purely intellectual processing of information is only a half measure - whereas visualised information can be embedded in the human brain faster and more lastingly.

Intelligent visualisation solutions help connect the logical with the creative - they make the complex transparent, understandable, and experienceable. The more flexible and spontaneous the person can interact with the medium when doing so, the more freedom remains for personal creativity and innovative thought.

How does this work?
Our visualisation solutions effectively facilitate the perception of information. The combination of knowledge, experience, consequent development work, and a broad range of products makes up the basis for our diverse ideas to “translate” the cognitive creatively. This works and has been inspiring people for generations. In addition to that, we are rich in ideas and experienced enough to get accustomed to the customers’ diverse “languages” anew again and again.

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Intelligent Communicating - Moderate and Confer 

What does this mean?
Communication processes are still individual island solutions in many companies. The spectrum goes all the way from the digital exchange of ideas, over cloud-solutions, to personal, spontaneous meetings in the tea kitchen. This way, communication occurs on different levels all the time and with different media. The challenge is channelling communication productively, without inhibiting the employees’ creativity.

Intelligent communication solutions help in using the right method at in right place and thereby create a smart connection of humans and processes. The clever combination of ideal means and media (e.g. haptic understanding and digitalisation) with the individual demands and personnel capabilities of the customers creates true (added) value. Intelligent solutions from the areas “presenting” and “conferring” offer you a great spectrum of solutions for efficient communication in training, workshops, and meetings.

How does this work?
Empathy is everything! And we have a lot of that. As one of the providers of solutions with the greatest experience on the market, we know what motivates people in their communication behaviour and how companies reach the most productive solutions best. Today, this lets us combine all proven methods with the individual employees’ requirements and current, communication-strengthening impulses.