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Organisational Systems bring Structure

Intelligent organisational systems structure your tasks and support you in processing them reliably and on time. We develop organisational solutions tailored to specific needs for industry, administration, and medical institutions. We offer special solutions for administration, documentation, and scheduling, but also planning boards and visualisation systems for the medical sector in particular – everything from one provider: WEIGANG.

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No matter whether you work in the medical field, in the office or in administration, we offer you intelligent solutions tailored to your requirements: Organizational and filing systems that optimize your daily work and help you to have important documents well organized and at hand at all times. Have a look at!

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Managing and filing documents is part of the daily work, whether in administration or in the production area, in an agency, or a clinic. We have developed an intelligent system that can do far more than the management of documents. Datoclip+ is an organisation solution with which you can also carry out your project management, offer management, or your order monitoring, for example. Naturally, you can also use the Datoclip+ system for documentation and filing. Due to its intelligent functionality it is very easy to handle – the perfect companion in your daily work life.

Products WEIGANG-Definitiv for Documentation.


Especially in the medical sector, documenting by hand is still very common, or it is used supplementary to IT. Here, WEIGANG offers diverse tools and forms – like the different index card systems, for example.

We help you take care of your documentation in an effective and structured way.

Scheduling and appointment with WEIGANG-Definitiv.


Scheduling is a central point of organisational success. Simplicity, good scheduling and rapidness are important buzzwords customers are telling us all the time. And this is exactlly what you get with our scheduling system.

We help you with your scheduling!

Organisational furniture WEIGANG Ebern Germany.


Professional data archiving is still essential in the days of IT and electronic storage, for data is the key to a company’s success. Ideal availability, efficient, space-saving archiving systems and filing furniture for your data is essential.

Beside archiving furniture, we also offer the proper furniture and ideal accessories for our intelligent systems for documenting and organising.