Image WEIGANG pocket system Datoclip.


Organisation Furniture – intelligent Storage

For our solutions in the area organising and documenting, we also offer the fitting organisation furniture. Therefore, we have table stands, for example, in our product assortment. Every project gets its own box which you can bring with you wherever you go, thanks to its compact build and handle strips on the sides – Thereby, you never lose sight of current issues and your desk stays organised. You can have different versions of your table stand. In addition, sliders on its underside protect the surface of your furniture.

Furthermore, we also offer the fitting cabinets for the storage of our organisation system Datoclip+, pockets, folders, and binders. In order to prevent unauthorised access, the cabinet comes equipped with a security lock and a central shutter.

Mobile stands, in double and single version, also help you to intelligently store and simultaneously portably use your pocket systems. If your organisation is supposed to stay where it is, we recommend DatoDisp – the pocket organisation on the wall.

Image of an organisational furniture.

We also offer appropriate furniture for our pocket systems.


Data is created, is saved, and processed – all the time and everywhere. Data backup and protection from unauthorised access are therefore very important. For this reason, we offer different archiving systems for all industries – no matter, whether for banks, government agencies, practices, administrations, archives or clinics, we have intelligent solutions for your requirements. Optimal availability, efficiency, and space-saving, as well as a robust build characterise our archiving systems and registry furniture.

Image of cabinet for index cards.

Archiving in an ERP system isn’t sufficient? We have the appropriate solution for you!

Image of index card boxes WEIGANG-Definitiv.

Index Card Boxes – Organisation within the smallest of Spaces

You need an appropriate storage option in order to have all patient files at hand immediately. For smaller volumes of index cards, our handy plastic index card boxes are suitable. We offer them for all common formats. These index card boxes are particularly well suited as a storage option for smaller practices with a smaller number of patients. You will receive all index card boxes with a lid that has an inscription label. The solid index card box can be placed into the lid to save space.

We’re the proper contact when it comes to your patient storage.

Picture of WEIGANG-Definitiv paternoster for archiving

Clear Order – Archiving while saving Space

Paternosters are well suited for storage – no matter, whether files, image archives, or small parts for maintenance. The material is stored orderly while saving space.

Generally, a shelf is supposed to store something that should be at one’s disposal again at any time, quickly, and without great effort – a simple demand that carries complex relations though. Rolling shelves are used whenever large amounts of material are archived or stored, but must also be available again quickly and easily. We offer you the ideal use of space through exceptional adaption to the local circumstances.