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Projects with scientific Participation

We deal with trend topics intensively – for example in projects with different partners from the scientific field, like the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. Together, topics are prepared in a future-oriented way.

Logo of Project proto_lab.

proto_lab – production tomorrow laboratory

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kramer, a cross-faculty team from Rosenheim Technical University has launched the "proto_lab" project in which, in cooperation with several companies (including HOMAG and ifp analytics), the furniture industry is used as an example to show how the rigidity of centralised corporate organisation can be overcome. We are also partners of the project, as experts in the field of production control and planning. This exciting project will be presented in 2019 at the ligna in Hanover, the world's leading trade fair for machines, plants and tools for woodworking.

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Presentation of our latest IoT solution at ligna

At this year's ligna (Hanover, 27.-29.05.2019) we will present our latest development in the WEIGANG.NEO area at the research and development stand of the Rosenheim Technical University. We will be showing a network-compatible planning board system for order management that integrates digital wireless technology and analog working methods in a way that has never been seen before.

This was developed in cooperation with the research project Production Tomorrow Laboratory (proto-lab) of the TH Rosenheim. The interdisciplinary research group headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kramer deals with the question of how inflexible, centralistic organisational forms can be overcome and replaced by new structures of responsibility and competence with direct communication and cooperation between man, machine and logistics. The aim is to achieve optimum networking of all participants in the value creation process - from development to production, use, maintenance and recycling. For some time now, we have been partners in the proto-lab project as specialists for production control and planning. Various digital, network-compatible planning board systems with RFID technologies and a solution for the optical recording of planning boards have already been implemented for this purpose. The implementation of current industry 4.0 criteria plays just as central a role as the consideration of modern working and organisational methods - such as Scrum, agile work or design thinking.

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Georg Jahn und Prof. Dr. Oliver Kramer stehen vor der WEIGANG Tafel.

Georg Jahn and the patron of proto_labs Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kramer. 

The funnel clocks in the appointments

We named the system "funnel" because this new planning board system records and transmits all incoming customer orders, similar to a funnel. Visitors to ligna 2019 in Hall 11 can see for themselves how this innovative planning tool for industrial order control works in practice and which digital technologies are used. The proto_labs team will be presenting the new planning board solution at stand E86.

Jochen Paul erklärt den Trichter von WEIGANG.

Jochen Paul, co-founder of proto_labs, explains how the WEIGANG digital planning board works. 

Hybrid visualization in real time

The new hopper planning board is a hybrid order tracking system. It displays all events simultaneously in digital and analogue form and provides a real-time overview of the entire process using IT, RFID and LED technology - from order acceptance through processing in production to delivery. The synchronous digital and physical visualization of all actions and statuses leads to an increased degree of transparency and efficiency.  

The integration and synchronisation of the planning board, order pockets, database and RFID and LED technology (synchronisation takes place using an industrial camera, which photographs the board at regular intervals and reflects it into the EDP system) in terms of communication technology leads to simultaneous presentation of the activities in the various process stages, providing an optimum overall overview of order processing for a production or plant manager. It does not matter where the user is - at the computer or smartphone in the office or on the planning board in assembly or production. He always has a real-time overview of all currently active orders and can intervene immediately if necessary. An easy-to-use app has also been specially developed for this purpose. At ligna, potential interested parties can find out first-hand how the hybrid funnel planning board works in detail and which technologies are behind it.

We are proud of what we created within the proto_lab project and look forward to presenting our NEO project to the public. We were supported in the development of the funnel by various students of the TH, in the form of Bachelor and Master thesis on our topic.

Digitale Plantafel von WEIGANG.

Experience live on the ligna how the digital planning board works.