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A multilayered, traditional Company

Intelligence is always connected to humans – their motivation is central to all our thinking and acting. What do they want? How do they work the most effectively? What do they need, in order to constantly deliver a high performance?

Digitalisation or not – humans will always remain at the centre of every organisational process, every form of visualisation technology, and every topic of communication. Therefore, we develop solutions that do just that: connect individual human ability with innovative technology and our own dedaces worth of experience. The WEIGANG-principle: Experience, knowledge, and the spirit of the time are connected creatively and specifically to every customer. Through our ideas and impulses, human intelligence is given the best stage possible to develop productively – a goal that we naturally pursue resolutely for our own employees as well.

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Our metal, plastics, wood, and paper production ensure our great production depth. Furthermore, we have been producing our “Made in Germany” quality for decades at the site Ebern in Franconia, Germany. For this reason, we have been recognised as a manufacturer. We are very proud of this fact – and thereby offer you many advantages. Discuss with us, what we can implement for you.

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Sales Organisation

As experts for LEAN intelligence, we are exclusively focused on premium brands with our extensive portfolio. We have made the best practical experiences with them in more than 90 years, as challenging tasks demand challenging solutions.

In addition to that, our customers from the most diverse industries expect more from us than just products – they want to be counselled, inspired, and accompanied individually, sustainably, and in a future-oriented way. This is exactly what our sales organisation is designed for. It explicitly develops a cooperative closeness to the customers while interacting with three specialised companies on the market:

1. WEIGANG-Primoris offers wholesalers and major customers an individual product line from the classic areas of organisational mediums and moderation techniques.

2. Our sales partners for major industries and the middle class are active all across Europe in the WEIGANG-WVG. In doing so, the counselling spectrum contains the WEIGANG Group’s entire range of intelligent organisation, visualisation, and communication solutions.

3. WEIGANG-Definitiv is especially present in the growing market “health” with innovative organisational and administrative solutions.

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In our daily work, the connection of worlds has almost become standard; humans and technology, individuality and classification, courage and security, creativity and structure – we at WEIGANG are exactly the way our customers’ challenges demand: proactive, versatile, experienced, thinking holistically, empathetic. And always have our vision in mind: to make people enjoy organizing and communicating. This is what makes us a friendly advisor, reliable partner and solid implementer for many companies.

Historical building WEIGANG Ebern Germany.


Our traditional family company looks back on an extensive history. We have already existed for more than 90 years. Here, you can read about the most important events from our 90 years of company history.

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People are always at the centre of our solutions: reduction of complexity, support of communication, or application of our products – it doesn’t work without humans. People are also an essential component of the successful history of our company. The thought of the family business is very important to us: Management is in family hands, some of our partners are working with us in the second generation, and our employees have been standing to our company loyally for years!