BMW Emplyees standing in frotn of planning system Plano.


Easier Planning with Planning Boards

Complexity reduction, transparency, efficiency and productivity increase – our planning boards offer you immense advantages.

Organising and planning are basic requirements of mastering daily organisational tasks. Therein, our planning boards can be put to multiple uses: planning of shifts in the health sector, planning projects in agencies, CIP in bank or holiday planning and in public administration. Due to the high functionality and the multiple possibilities concerning the design, our boards can fit into any company that wishes to plan processes, procedures, and humans in a transparent manner.

Instruments for increasing Efficiency

A standard planning board is more than it appears at first glance. It is a tool for efficient communication. Your planning parameters are depicted in a clear and structured way: employee qualification, machine utilisation, capacity, shift assignments, material scheduling – the board displays all relevant information. This enables a quick determination of availability, responsibility, capacity, shortages, state of processing, or threats of delays  – You can react immediately and take appropriate measures.

Compared to that, computerised planning tools are generally fixed to desktop workspaces and the clarity of the display is limited by the screen size. Located directly on site, the planning board supplies you with all relevant information and thereby creates a transparent basis for decision making. The board becomes a tool of effective communication, as employees are are proactively incorporated, in team meetings for example. The employees’ motivation and self-organisation are thereby encouraged and hidden potentials like planning and problem-solving capabilities are discovered.

Man working with WEIGANG Planning system Plano.

Planning boards can visualise different planning parameters.

Complexity Reduction through haptic Comprehension

Besides internal processes and procedures, the demands today’s world makes on markets and customers grow increasingly complex. Filtering relevant information in order to be able to make decisions quickly and assuredly is a great challenge. Our planning boards are already a tool for the reduction of complexity here. Information becomes comprehensible – the stocked board is a reflection of all relevant information and processes. As the intake and processing of information takes place over the different sensory organs in humans, our planning boards do not only enable visual comprehension, but also a direct, haptic interaction with the displays. Connections, dependences, sequences, or problems are made haptically comprehensible – and complexity is reduced.

Which Planning Board is the right one?

The task decides the type of planning. Here, we differentiate between row- and column-planning, as well as planning with signals or order papers. Together with our local experts, we will analyse your requirements and the desired planning parameters. Important information for this analysis includes, for example:

  • Which planning horizon is required?
  • What is the smallest unit of time that should be displayed?
  • Which planning parameters should be displayed?
  • Will plans be made with characteristic order papers from the ERP-System?

With this information, WEIGANG can select the correct planning board: Plano-, dyna-, orga-, and channel planner V – we offer diverse solutions specially tailored to your needs. A wall mounting is possible for all planning boards. For planning that is required directly on site, we have developed a system of mobile stands. The robust stands carry the boards safely, but can be easily moved nevertheless. You can make your individual choice from a great number of design possibilities.

Woman puts documents in WEIGANG AV Planning Board.

The haptics of the planning board help to reduce complexity and to understand processes and contexts.

Operating with Planning Boards  

Keep a constant overview over your order and production controls. WEIGANG offers you the proper solution at every time. With the help of our planning boards, you can visually display tasks and processes in the correct order with their time and capacity requirements. Operate your production, perfectly organised and with foresight. This will enable you to recognise capacity utilisation, availability, and responsibility. The WEIGANG-AV – for example – assists you in recognising disruptions in the production process early on, in order to react to them more quickly and flexibly, and thereby act more successfully on the market.

WEIGANG also offers you the optimal solution for the Kanban-method. With the help of our prism card planning board, you can easily and clearly control your production according to the pull-principle. Thereby your efficiency will be raised, as waste of material is reduced to a minimum. WEIGANG offers you a simple solution with great added value.

Two man and a very long Planning Board WEIGANG AV.

Keep an overview of your production control with our product solutions.

Two people in front of Planning Board.

Intelligent modular Planning

Planning systems must be flexible and adaptable, in order to comply with market changes and customer requirements. For this, WEIGANG has developed two intelligent module-based planning systems: prism and continuous planning. Due to the modular design, a subsequent extension of the boards is possible at any time. Thereby, an adaption to changed planning situations can easily be realised. Plano-, dyna-, and orga-view, as well as channel planner V boards can be integrated into the system.

WEIGANG Sliding Planning.

Endless Planning

All planning is a continuous process over time. In order to constantly display this process, WEIGANG has developed the system of continuous planning. For this, the planning area consists of separate elements, which slide on rails and can flexibly be moved or held together by magnets as a contained surface. Processed planning elements can now be removed from the hanging frame on the left side. Sorted at the end of the planning area, they can be used for planning again and a constant planning horizon is created. Further rails enable an extension in length or create further levels. Depending on the requirements, you can combine the rolling planning with various planning board systems.

Digital planningboards e-Kanban from WEIGANG.

Digital Planning

Under the name of WEIGANG.NEO, we have developed intelligent, digital planning boards. Equipped with modern technology, we combine the advantages of classical, haptic planning with the possibilities of IoT. Thereby, an interplay of the ERP-system and planning board with top floor and shop floor is achieved. While the ERP-system carries out the rough planning, the detail planning takes place on site – on the shop floor. The human brain’s creativity and problem solving capabilities are utilised optimally.