BMW Emplyees standing in frotn of planning system Plano.


The planning board - the tool for efficient communication

A classic planning board is much more than it appears at first glance. It is a tool for efficient communication. Your planning parameters are displayed in a clear and structured way. Whether employee qualification, machine utilization, capacities, shift allocation, material disposition - the planning board displays all relevant information. This enables you to quickly identify availabilities, responsibilities, workloads, bottlenecks, the status of processing or impending delays - you can react immediately and take action.

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Good reasons for using a planning board:


✔ Complex reduction


✔ Efficiency increase

✔ Productivity increase

Plantafel im Kanban

Unsere kompakten Plantafel Systeme - einfach zu handhaben und übersichtlich

Hier eine Übersicht über unsere kompakten Plantafel Systeme, deren Struktur sich bereits vielfach bei unseren Kunden bewährt hat und die wir mehr oder weniger als Standardformate für bestimmte Planungsvarianten anbieten. Im folgenden erfahren Sie mehr über diese hilfreichen Planungstools und Ihre Anwendungsmöglichkeiten.

Plantafel für die Auftragsverteilung

Planning Board Weekly Planner

This planning board offers maximum flexibility and clarity for order distribution and sequence planning.

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Die perfekte Plantafel für die Werkstatt

Workshop planner

With this planning board for the workshop, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Capacity utilization and responsibilities are visible at a glance.

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Complexity Reduction through haptic Comprehension

Besides internal processes and procedures, the demands today’s world makes on markets and customers grow increasingly complex. Filtering relevant information in order to be able to make decisions quickly and assuredly is a great challenge. Our planning boards are already a tool for the reduction of complexity here. Information becomes comprehensible – the stocked board is a reflection of all relevant information and processes. As the intake and processing of information takes place over the different sensory organs in humans, our planning boards do not only enable visual comprehension, but also a direct, haptic interaction with the displays. Connections, dependences, sequences, or problems are made haptically comprehensible – and complexity is reduced.

Woman puts documents in WEIGANG AV Planning Board.

The haptics of the planning board help to reduce complexity and to understand processes and contexts.


Do you have questions about the planning board?

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A planning board provides more overview & transparency

In comparison, computer planning tools are usually tied to PC workstations and clarity is limited by the size of the screen. Placed directly on the spot, the planning board provides you with all relevant information at any time and thus forms a transparent basis for decision-making.

The planning board becomes a tool for effective communication, as employees are proactively involved, for example in team meetings directly on the board. Motivation and self-organization of the employees are thus promoted and hidden potentials such as planning or problem-solving skills are discovered.  

Man working with WEIGANG Planning system Plano.

Planning boards can visualise different planning parameters.

Planning board systems from Weigang - intelligent & modular

Planning systems must be flexible and adaptable. For this purpose WEIGANG has developed two intelligent modular planning board systems:

  • The planning board system "Prisma" - modular planning board with fixed frame
  • The planning board system Sliding planning - allows "endless" planning on two levels

Due to the modular design, the planning board can be expanded at any time. This makes it easy to adapt to changing planning situations. Both planning board systems are available as Plano View, Dyna view, Orga view or Channel Planner V, depending on the application.

"Prisma" system planning board

The "Prisma" planning system makes simple, clear and universal planning possible. The respective planning board is composed of individual, modular, expandable board elements, which are held by a frame that encompasses the entire planning board. The "Prisma" planning system is easy to handle and can be mounted on the wall in a few simple steps. The modular design makes it easy to adapt to changing planning situations at any time. Its attractive design and high functionality make it the ideal planning board for every office.

Plantafel Prisma
WEIGANG Sliding Planning.

Planning Board System Sliding Planning - endless planning made easy

In order to constantly map planning processes, WEIGANG designed the Sliding Planning system. The planning surface consists of individual elements that can be moved flexibly on rails. Completed planning elements can be removed from the left-hand side and rejoined at the end of the planning surface. This creates a constant planning horizon. Further rails allow an extension in length or create additional levels. Depending on your requirements, you can combine rolling planning with various planning board systems.

Plantafel Planosicht

Planning board Plano

Universal planning surface for cardboard strips with additional signals.

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Plantafel Dynasicht

Planning board Dyna

Profile surface with writable and movable plastic display elements.

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Plantafel Orgasicht

Planning board Orga

Perforated board surface enables long-term planning with signals on a very small area

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Plantafel Staffelsicht V

Planning board Channel planner V

Flexible, self-clamping sheets for planning with documents.

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Die Plantafel ein foller Erfolg


Customer statement on the use of planning boards in the company


"The WEIGANG AV planning board is a high-resolution control instrument that makes problems visible at a glance. I can only tackle problems that I can see. This has enabled us to noticeably improve in more than one area".

Philipp Kampel, Managing Director ACONA Hydraulik

Which planning board is the right one?

When selecting the appropriate planning board, the task at hand is decisive. It determines the type of planning.
We distinguish between:

  • Row planning and column planning
  • Planning with signals and planning with allocations

We will be happy to advise you. Together with you, our experts will analyze your requirements and the desired planning parameters. Important information for the analysis is for example:

  • Which planning horizon is required?
  • What is the smallest time unit to be displayed?
  • Which planning parameters should be displayed?
  • Will plans be made with characteristic order papers from the ERP-System?

Of course, we would also be happy to visit you on site. On the basis of the information obtained, we will then select the right planning board system from our product range for you. Whether Plano-, Dyna-, Orga- view or channel planner V, we offer diverse solutions specially tailored to your needs. A wall mounting is possible for all planning boards. Our mobile stand system also makes mobile planning in the company possible. The robust stands carry the boards safely, but can be easily moved nevertheless. You can make your individual choice from a great number of design possibilities.


Our compact planning board systems - easy to handle and clearly arranged

Here is an overview of our compact planning board systems, whose structure has already proven itself many times over with our customers and which we offer more or less as standard formats for certain planning variants. In the following you will learn more about these helpful planning tools and their possible applications.

Our planning board systems in use

Planning board for manufacturing & production

Always keep an overview of your job and production control. Control your production in a highly organized and foresighted manner. This allows you to see at a glance capacity utilization, availability and responsibilities. The WEIGANG-AV - for example - helps you to identify disruptions in the production process at an early stage, so that you can react more flexibly and quickly and thus be more successful on the market.

WEIGANG also offers you the optimum solution for the Kanban method. The "Prisma" Card Board and "Prisma" Channel Planner V are ideally suited as Kanban Boards, enabling you to control your production according to the pull principle in a simple and clear manner. 

Two man and a very long Planning Board WEIGANG AV.

Keep an overview of your production control with our product solutions.

Digital planningboards e-Kanban from WEIGANG.

Digital Planning

Under the name of WEIGANG.NEO, we have developed intelligent, digital planning boards. Equipped with modern technology, we combine the advantages of classical, haptic planning with the possibilities of IoT. Thereby, an interplay of the ERP-system and planning board with top floor and shop floor is achieved. While the ERP-system carries out the rough planning, the detail planning takes place on site – on the shop floor. The human brain’s creativity and problem solving capabilities are utilised optimally.