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Structure your Visualisation intelligently!

We can offer different possibilities to structure visualisation solutions in a differentiated and effective manner. You create clarity and transparency at a glance. No matter, whether you use boards as a CIP-board, shop floor management board, or as an information board for your key figures, your employees can find the information that is important for them and thereby take part in business processes. The possibility to label the board according to your individual taste allows you to bring information to your employees in a specific way and to professionalise your visualisation. Whether sublimation printing, digital printing, foliation, magnetic strips, or title and column text bars: We realise your wishes according to the requirements you make of the planning board. Together with our experts, you will find the suitable labelling solution.

Two people with a Shopfloor Management Board Weigang Visualisation.

Labelling helps to structure your board.

Modern CurveLine Boards in production for Visualisation Weigang.

Stay flexible with Magnetic Strips

With our flexible assortment of magnets, you can quickly change the labelling on the boards and thereby always present changing information in a suitable manner. The printed or foliated magnetic strips, as well as their labelling, are available in different colours and thereby enable a thematic structuring of your content at a glance. Presented professionally - everywhere in your company!

Visualisation Board with Weigang equipment.

Labelling for different Surfaces - Title Text and Column Text Bars

With the title and column text bars, available in two versions, magnetic or self-adhesive, you can divide your visualisation board into different sections, regardless of the surface. With the help of these plastic or aluminium markers, you can give your board the necessary structure and stay flexible with the labelling, as the text content and its placement can be changed freely at any time. In addition to that, the labelling occurs on interchangeable foil strips so that you can make changes yourself. The application of these bars is therefore well suited to dynamic visualisation with changing information!

Image of a printed Board for Lean Management and Visualisation Weigang.

Individual Printing for Visualisation that stays

Elegant, functional, unusual - What should your board look like? With the help of sublimation printing, there are no limits to your ideas and thereby the board becomes the representative presentation area for your company. Your corporate design can be implemented exactly, due the design freedom when printing the information boards. All specifications can be integrated: graphics, images, writings, or logos. Design with the sublimation printing technique is an expressive solution for the permanent visualisation of information.