Weigang Employees working happily.



Humans and Responsibility

As a solution provider of visual management, organization and planning systems, we have made a name for ourselves worldwide. We develop, produce and sell added value instead of products - because we want people to enjoy organizing and communicating. In order to live up to this claim every day, we need people who see their work as a passion and live quality self-confidently. We know from experience: Our employees play a key role in shaping the success of the company.

WEIGANG Employees laughing.

We are a strong Team!

For us, the people in our company play a vital role, as they conduce significantly to the corporate success. Thus, we would like to present to you the faces behind our trademarks WEIGANG-DefinitivWEIGANG-Primoris and WEIGANG-Vertriebsgesellschaft as well as our management team.