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Humans and Responsibility

As a solution provider of organisational, planning, and visual management systems, we have made a name for ourselves around the world. For our customers, we connect analog with digital operation and are an important partner in the development of LEAN management methods. We develop, produce, and sell added values instead of products – that is a great responsibility for a large number of large and small processes.

In order to fulfil these requirements anew every day, we need people who see their work as a passion and live quality in a self-confident manner. For this is the only way to lastingly convince customers. As an employer, we therefore place a great value on enthusiastic types of people who understand their “trade” and seek the best solution of their own accord. The person does not have to be perfect in themselves – but their motivation to go a step further with us on a daily basis, to improve, to want more than the standard.

From experience, we know: Our employees play a decisive role in shaping the company’s success. And for this reason, we are happy to be forthcoming with them in every way:

• with future-oriented education and training

• with longterm perspectives for every single person at WEIGANG

• with good work atmosphere and passionate team spirit on all levels

• with flat hierarchies, individual responsibility, and recognition for good performance

WEIGANG Employees laughing.

We are a strong Team!

For us, the people in our company play a vital role, as they conduce significantly to the corporate success. Thus, we would like to present to you the faces behind our trademarks WEIGANG-DefinitivWEIGANG-Primoris and WEIGANG-Vertriebsgesellschaft as well as our management team.

Further information can be found here in the near future.

Picture of WEIGANG Team.

We want You!

We are always on the lookout for active employees.

You can expect an active, young team, as well as a varied scope of duties with us. We offer you multiple opportunities to get engaged with different areas of the company and to develop yourself in a dynamic company.