BMW Employees working with Weigang planning system.



Application Examples

With our many types of planning boards, the most diverse kinds of planning can be displayed and realised. In doing so, you have the option to plan with your own documents or with signals made of plastic or cardboard. We promise: Our boards will display all your planning parameters transparently and will noticeably simplify your processes.


Keeping an overview over complex processes is always a challenge. Whether in the warehouse or when processing orders, the First-in - First-out-principle, FiFo for short, has proved itself.

Personnel Planning

We offer you the opportunity of a clear and structured display that clearly shows who is deployed, trained, out of the house, or still has capacities when and where.

Capacity Planning

Harmonising customers’ deadlines with ideal utilisation of humans, machines and systems is a challenge. The visualisation of the duration of planned orders helps to make the right choices.


Here, every planned measure for improvement is visualised through a specially designed CIP card in the planning board.

Project Planning

The basis of an exact and reliable project planning is a clear and structured visualisation of the project as a whole with all its activities and their durations, which are limited by the start and end date.

Shift Planning

Which employee is responsible for which area of responsibility in which shift? When will there be absences like vacations or outside appointments? Which shift is affected by sudden illness-related absences and must be covered by someone else?

WEIGANG’s shift planner offers you the necessary information for these questions at a glance.

Vacation and Absence Planning

Those who assign their employees proactively avoid shortages and unnecessary hectic rushes. The orga-view shows who is gone when and for how long. With this board, you can display vacation and absence planning excellently.

Order Overview

In a company’s receiving area, there are always deliveries requiring special attention for different reasons, besides the standard, uncomplicated processes. For a coordinated procedure, WEIGANG has now created the planning board “Order Overview Receiving Area”.

Workshop Scheduling Board

A workshop run in a modern way is characterised by assured scheduling arrangements and ideal capacity and resource utilisation. An important tool for this is WEIGANG’s Workshop Planner.

Order Organisation

The OrgaBoard offers easy handling, simple structuring and a quick overview.

Weekly Planner

This card planning board offers the ideal in terms of clarity and flexibility for order distribution and sequence planning.

Machine Utilisation

Here, you can see customers’ deadlines and optimal utilisation of machines at a glance.

Kanban Control

Kanban is a concept for an efficient production control with the core idea of LEAN production shaping the value-added process as a continual flow.


A real all-rounder in the planning area. 

Overview of Absences

Seeing at a glance who will be gone when and for how long without switching programs can be really easy.

Employee Qualification

Who is best qualified for which activity? Where are still training needs? These questions can easily be answered by the qualification matrix.