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Administration – the important Things in Sight

Organisational pockets bring structure to your tasks and support you in the reliable management of the day-to-day tasks. Thought-out and consequent process organisation increases profitability and raises your employees’ motivation for the good of the company.

You have your project management handy, always with you in your pocket, you schedule your order monitoring without a problem, and you also control your customer service with it. Organisational pockets are real all-rounders! You can take your organisational assistants with you wherever you go: to project meetings, to the daily delivery status check with the production manager, or to external customer meetings – portable organisation. Additionally, you do not need a lot of space, as these pockets fit into every desk drawer.

You would rather see everything at a glance? Also not a problem for us – Simply organise your organisational pockets on the wall with our intelligent wall solution.

Intelligent Organisational Pockets

For management – and far more – we have developed an intelligent assortment of organisational pockets: Datoclip+.

The core of Datoclip+ is a top bar equipped with a patented clip-mechanism. With this, top bar and pocket bar can easily and quickly be changed. Among many pockets, folders, and binders that can be combined with the clip-mechanism, almost every task has a solution.

Datoclip+ has many practical application possibilities due to its intelligent top bar. You can mark processes through colour codes with label fields, visualise corner points with index cards, or display status with shifting signals. The interchangeable top bar also offers possibilities for the scaling of weeks or days. You can also create individual scales with the help of the matching software Dato Print. That way, your organisational pockets can be designed individually, depending on your needs.

Due to the intelligent design, you can use Datoclip+ for management like offer management or the management of personnel files, as well as for customer service. Purchase management, order supervision, project management are further application examples.

Datoclip pocketsystem WEIGANG Ebern Germany.

Organisation pockets are real all-rounders.

Different pockets in dfifferent colours.

Everything from one Provider

We offer you the Datoclip+ series in a variety of designs. Beside the basic Datoclip+ pocket, there are double pockets, combination pockets, folders, suspension files, org-files, and folders. The pockets are available in different colours and formats. Designation labels, org-strips, scale strips, appointment and support rails, view tabs, and prefabricated registry sheets – WEIGANG has the appropriate answer to all your wishes. Your possibilities for document management are therefore boundless.