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Visual Management improves communication in the company

Visualization means making the common goals, tasks, processes, key figures and results visible and understandable to people in the simplest possible way so that they can be actively involved. This is exactly where intelligent visual management comes in. We are happy to support you in introducing the appropriate visual management in your company. Talk to us.


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What exactly is visual management in the enterprise?

The aim is for every employee, regardless of their knowledge of processes, to be able to quickly recognize faults in the manufacturing and production system through appropriate visual management. Since people absorb most information through their eyes, information about processes, workflows and instructions is displayed visually. In this way, bottlenecks or failures can be detected quickly and countermeasures can be initiated promptly. Visualization makes everyday life in the company easier, complicated things become understandable, unclear things become transparent and interrelationships can be grasped more quickly. Every company should take advantage of this, right?

The advantages of Visual Management at a glance:


✔ brings transparency to the company

✔ complex things become easier to understand

✔ quick comprehension of correlations

✔ Bottlenecks can be detected quickly

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Visual management - What is the objective?

The core task of visual management is to make important information available to all employees of the company. This can be visualizations from the areas of management, process control or production. One of the main goals is to use visual management to depict possible problem cases and deviations and to make them immediately visible to the employees. In visual management there are different methods for this, which pursue the most different goals:

  • Motivation and/or information of employees
  • Indication of problems or deviations from the actual state
  • Increasing identification with the company


Do you have questions about Visual Management?

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VisuModul equiped with display pockets Weigang Visual Management

Visualization boards the perfect visual management tool

Visualization boards and visual management boards have proven to be an effective tool here. They support a smooth flow of communication and help to transparently present processes, orders and their status, goals and performance/quality indicators.

Whether CIP, Shopfloor Management, LEAN Management or simply as a bulletin board, intelligently combined with WEIGANG's visualization accessories, they offer you many possibilities. Visual management is a decisive instrument for mastering the challenges of the future with informed, creative and motivated employees.

Visual Management im Unternehmen.

Visual management boards can be labeled individually

You have the possibility to design your visual management tools individually according to the needs of your company. Whether digital printing or foiling, the choice is yours. Magnetic tapes or title and column text bars can also be individually designed according to your requirements. This way you remain flexible regarding the labeling and structure of your visualization board. Dynamic visualization with correspondingly changing information is also possible.

Rahmenlose Tafeln im Weigang Shop kaufen

CurveLine - frameless board

The frameless whiteboard can be written on with dry-erase markers.

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BasicLine Informationstafel Whiteboard von Weigang

BasicLine - Whiteboard 

Simple, elegant whiteboard incl. storage tray. Available in different colors.

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Visual Management Tafel Zubehör

Accessories for equipping the visual management board

For the design of your visualization boards, numerous placement options and visualization modules are available to you. Whether display pockets, magnetic frames, document dispensers, cascading displays, ring mechanisms and document holders - with our large range of visualization accessories, no wish for a professional presentation remains unfulfilled. We offer you a wide range of solutions made of different materials and usage variants for perfect visual management in your company.

Einstecktaschen kaufen im Weigang Shop.

Display Pocket

With the insert pockets you have different options to visualize information.

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Farbige Magnetrahmen im Weigang Shop erhältlich.

Magnetic Frames

The magnetic frames are an elegant solution to display and present information.

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Ringmechanik im Weigang Shop kaufen

4-hole ring clamp

The 4-fold ring clamp has a capacity of approx. 25 mm.

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Belegspender zur Aufnahmen von Katalogen, Broschüren, Flyern etc.

Document Dispensers 

The document dispensers offer space for e.g. flyers, catalogs or brochures.

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Visual Management - how can we help?

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