Image of Kaizen VisualisationLean Management.



Create Transparency in your Company!

Visualisation means making shared aims, processes and results visually available and understandable to people in the simplest way, in order to actively include them. The constant floods of information increasingly overstrain people and the important parts are no longer recognisable. This is exactly where intelligent visual management starts. Boards for the support of a smooth flow of communication help to make processes transparent.

People in production standing in front of visualisation boards.


Strenghten the peoples´ perception in your company effectively through intelligent systems by visualising processes, business figures, statistics and other information on operational processes. Using visualisation boards creates transparency, increases your productivity and motivates your employees.

Picture of a labeled Board Visualisation WEIGANG.


With various labelling options it is possible to structure your visualisation board in a clever way!

Whether you use the board as CIP-Board, LEAN-Management or Shop floor Management Board, or even as Information Board to visualise your business figures, your employees will find the information they consider to be important very quickly and at one glance.

VisuModul equiped with display pockets WEIGANG Visualisation.


By equipping your information boards with our various visualisation accessories you will fill them with life.

Whether Display Pockets, Magnetic Frames, Document Dispensers, Cascading Display Units, Ring Clamps or Document Holders – with our wide range of products no wish remains unfulflled for realising a professional business presentation.