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Individual Program for Wholesalers

WEIGANG-Primoris offers wholesalers the opportunity to obtain and resell the range of WEIGANG products. Thereby, you obtain the private label WEIGANG directly from the producer.

Custom OEM Production

We produce individual OEM products for wholesalers and major customers as well. Different small and large series can be produced, tailored to your specific wishes. As WEIGANG is a recognised manufacturer, we produce “Made in Germany” quality on site in Germany (Ebern, Franconia) – you can tell that from our products! We owe our flexibility to the vast production depth due to our in-house metal, plastics, paper, and wood fabrication. You already have specific product wishes in your head? Discuss them with us, our experts from WEIGANG-Primoris, we will implement your wishes. Due to our own product development, we can offer both prototype development, as well as model building.

This makes us a strong partner and reliable supplier for you.

Image of a maschine.

We produce individual OEM products. 

Multiple satisfied Customers

Many well-known customers depend on us – as a partner and a supplier. Our major customers value us particularly for our production from one provider: from the product development, over model building, up to Germany-, Europe-, and worldwide distribution. Our partners Kindermann and Acoustic Pearls have selected products manufactured by us.

For our major customers like the Deutsche Post, for example, we have developed completely unique products. For years, they have been depending on our strength and competence in the area of intelligent organisation, visualisation, and communication.

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Many well-known customers rely on us.

Bild von Geschäftsführer Werner Biedermann.

We are a dependable partner!

“For decades, our partners, wholesalers, and major customers have been depending on us. Customer specific, individualised OEM production is our absolute strength and key competence. Our great production depth enables us – and especially you – multiple realisation possibilities for individual products.”

Werner Biedermann, account manager WEIGANG-Primoris

Wir sind ein verlässlicher Partner!

„Bereits seit vielen Jahrzehnten vertrauen unsere Partner, Großhändler und Großkunden auf uns. Die kundenspezielle, individualisierte OEM-Fertigung ist unsere besondere Stärke und Kernkompetenz. Unsere enorme Fertigungstiefe bietet uns – und vor allem unseren Kunden – zahlreiche Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten eigener Produkte.“

Georg Jahn, Geschäftsführer WEIGANG-Primoris