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Visual Management improves Communication within Companies

Visualisation made easy - Display important content in a clear and structured manner and thereby improve communication within your company. As humans process the majority of information through the eyes, visual displays of processes and instructions are more easily recognised: The complex becomes understandable, the confusing becomes clear, and connections understandable. Implement our planning board systems intelligently and offer your employees transparent insights into processes, numbers, statistics, information, and procedures.

Whether CIP, shop floor management, LEAN management, or simply as a notice board, intelligently combined with WEIGANG’s visualisation accessories you have many possibilities. Visual management is a decisive tool to master the challenges of the future with informed, creative, and motivated employees.

Making Information more easily ascertainable and including Employees

Present relevant information with our boards visually, include your employees in your organisational processes, and thereby encourage communication throughout the company. Rigid, centrally managed companies that call their employees heelers barely have future opportunities. Actively include your employees with the help of factual and open communication. This is what our visualisation boards are suited for: presenting information clearly structured, up to date, and decentralised. Aimed depiction also has the advantage that you can focus your employees’ attention and highlight the important parts.

Image of Weigang Shopfloor Management Center.

Numerous applications are possible with our boards.

WEIGANG-Boards offer multiple Fields of Application

Visualisation is needed where people come together, which is why our solutions are applicable industry-wide: in the hospital or nursing home, in public administration, in institutes, practices, banks, and in production sectors. We are happy to realise individual adjustments to your needs – talk to us about them!

The boards can be designed individually: sizes, frames, colours, surfaces – it’s up to you: We deliver solutions that match your requirements! You can get the boards in several standard sizes. However, you require specific measurements? For us as a manufacturing company, this does not present a problem. We also offer a broad range of frames in regard to colours and corner completion to ensure that a corporate design implementation does not present a problem. All of our visualisation boards are magnetic, can be dry wiped, and are made of ferromagnetic material.

Clarity needs Space

Visualisation boards help bring you up to date in a short time. No matter whether in industry application, in the office, in the practice, or in public administration: Key figures, values, or process sequences are displayed clearly. You need more than one board for that? No problem, we have developed a system to link multiple boards, so that they can be connected intelligently. With that, you can also ideally utilise your space. Besides the possibility of linking your boards, the systems have been developed so intelligently that they can also be used mobilely. With the movable, flexible stand system, you can set the boards up wherever they are needed.

Image of Boards on the wall visualisation Weigang.

Our boards are suitable for wall mounting as well as for installation on a free-standing frame. With individual solutions, special wishes can be realised.

Woman visualise Information on visualisation boards Weigang.

Intelligent Communication Boards - basic boards

A simple board? - No! An intelligent communication board. Communicate your key figures, information, and insights into operational processes, because informed employees feel valued and are motivated.

WEIGANG offers you a broad range with multiple accessories for visual management. Dimensions, frame colours, implementations, application possibilities, and accessories - we advise you on what kind of a board solution you need for your individual implementation - on site, competently, and holistically.

Picture of a man working with VisuModul Weigang Visualisation.

Modularised Presentation with the VisuModul

With the VisuModul-solution you can optimise your internal communication. The intelligent, modular notice board system presents information for employees, customers, and visitors on a clearly structured board surface, protected either through display pockets or document holders. The modular structure offers a multitude of intelligent design and combination possibilities. You can mount this efficient visualisation system on the wall, as well as on a system of stands.

Image of modern Boards CurveLine standing in production area.

Modern designed Visualisation-Allrounder

The CurveLine board is convincing thanks to its elegant style and simple design. The frameless board impresses as a solution in the modern office environment, the hospital, the bank, as well as in production. Due to its ferromagnetic white surface, the board can be written on, dry wiped, and printed ideally - in order to implement your corporate design. This type of board can also be combined with our system of board stands, and thanks to milling on the rear side it is also suited for mounting on the wall. Matchingly designed visualisation components like toolbox and pen tray are the perfect additions to the board.