Chart of WEIGANG Neo IoT Digital Transformation.


Mega Trends

Implementing Trends

Being a Manufacture and dealing with trend topics do not go together? Far from it! Because we are a manufactory we are able to develop intelligent solutions for the implementation of mega trends like agile project management, Design Thinking and digital transformation. Our years of experience, our on-site analysis at the customer's and our proximity to the market mean that we recognise trends, think them through and design practical solutions.

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Digital Transformation

Digitalisation is a frequently discussed topic, a mega trend that WEIGANG deals with in depth. Our brand WEIGANG.NEO is today already developing tomorrow’s production organisation. Classical planning media is intelligently and innovatievly connected to new technologies of digitalisation: The results are tailor-made solutions that set the human in the centre and that make it possible for you to intelligently, in a modular way, and individually take the step towards digital transformation. WEIGANG accompanies you into the future of production organisation!

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Operation of the Future

Google, Apple, and other large companies demonstrate it – The world of work is changing: Creative rooms or high performance teams are just two buzzwords of the organisation of work of the future. Together with our partners, we are already working on them today! Discover modern working worlds with us - New Work, agile working with us today

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