Picture of Georg Jahn Weigang Ebern.

Georg Jahn, Board of Directors

Georg Jahn has been active in the family business in the third generation since 2002 and has been a member of the Management Board since 2006. His tasks include the design and implementation of corporate strategy as well as the acquisition and maintenance of various strategic partnerships, for example with Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. 
What drives you in your job every day? 
I like coming to the company because every day there are new opportunities to learn and change.  My motivation is therefore to drive forward the changes in the company and to give our employees sufficient scope and space for personal initiative to implement exactly these important changes. 
What do you stand for? 
I clearly stand for openness, empathy and sustainability - towards employees, customers, partners and business associates. Of course, I also stand for a long tradition and quality of our intelligent solutions.
What does WEIGANG mean to you? 
Of course WEIGANG means family history to me. I run the company in the third generation, which makes me proud. In my opinion, WEIGANG also stands for a modern company with flat hierarchies, with a high degree of freedom for teams who want to make a difference, exciting products and for a clear vision: fun in organizing, visualizing and communicating intelligently. 

Picture of Herbert Elflein, Weigang Ebern.

Herbert Elflein, Production Management

Herbert Elflein has been with WEIGANG for around 35 years. He began in the company with an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, and is now production manager, member of the management board and also a member of the supervisory board. His daily tasks as production manager include planning and controlling production as well as monitoring production, materials management and the ERP system.

What drives you in your job every day? 
My daily motivation is to work with all my colleagues at WEIGANG to move forward piece by piece every day.

What do you stand for?
Reliability, clarity and orientation are important to me and I also represent these values in the company. In addition, it is important to me to tackle the issues in the company and to implement them consistently. 

What does WEIGANG mean to you?
For me WEIGANG means exciting products to make companies successful - the intelligent organization. Moreover, WEIGANG has been a consistent and reliable partner for many decades, not only for our employees but also for our customers, suppliers and partners. 

Kaufmännischer Leiter Thomas Hergt

Thomas Hergt, Commercial Manager

Since the beginning of 2020, Thomas Hergt has been responsible for the commercial area at WEIGANG. Since May 2020, this has included not only finance and accounting, controlling and personnel management, but also the internal sales force, insurance, legal and contract management. Mr. Hergt is also a member of the management board. 
What drives you in your job every day?
In my function as commercial manager, I am driven to take responsibility and to shape the WEIGANG company every day together with all those involved. I would like to help drive innovations, visions and also new opportunities forward and positively develop the philosophy of the company. In addition, I would like to support employees and work with them to develop development opportunities and perspectives.
What do you stand for?
Very important to me are mutual appreciation, respect, helpfulness and openness, always paired with reliability, commitment and good communication. Of course, joy, fun and calmness are also important in my work. My personal motto is:  "Be helpful, understanding, appreciative and respectful of people, but also consistent in what you do.
What does the WEIGANG company mean to you?
WEIGANG is a traditional company with a long history as a reliable partner, with innovative products and clever and important organisational solutions for all areas - WEIGANG is simply very multi-faceted, I find that very exciting!