Scheduling with WEIGANG Planning Board.


Scheduling – ideal planning

Besides transparency and clarity, our range of solutions in the scheduling area offers you easy and quick handling and is ideal for all medical institutions. It is suited for practices of one or several practitioners. The WEIGANG-Definitiv solutions enable the coordination of your appointment allocation in ten or fifteen minute intervals.

Tried and tested System

In the medical sector, WEIGANG-Definitiv’s scheduling system has proven itself time and again. Our system is just as flexible as practically all requirements within the practice. With this multitude of options of individual scheduling, you have your head and heart clear for your patients – Perfect scheduling is worthwhile!

Scheduling system of WEIGANG-Definitiv.

Terminate quickly and easily as well as transparently and clearly with our appointment book.

Scheduling system and appointment book WEIGANG-Definitiv.

Scheduling Systems and Appointment Books for intelligent Planning

Ideal scheduling is a requirement for the complete utilisation of your capacities. Only with the help of thought out and professional planning can the smooth running of the organisation of a practice be guaranteed. With Definitiv’s scheduling systems and appointment books, you never lose sight of your appointment allocation. You can get our personal organiser with wire binding in different designs as a daily or weekly planner.

Additionally, we also offer scheduling systems with different inlays – for single and double practices, and practices of several practitioners. With this scheduling system, you have an overview of all appointments without having to turn a page! You have the complete appointment overview – planning ahead for up to a year.

Planning Board WEIGANG Ebern Germany.

Planning Security with Planning Boards

Whether in daily life of a clinic or in a practice – organisational tasks are part of the day-to-day business.

Therefore, intelligent planning board solutions are particularly well suited to internal planning like employee or shift planning, getting an overview over vacations and absences, or capacity planning in the medical sector. We also offer solutions for scheduling. You have a wide range of different planning board types at your disposal.