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Organisational Methods in Practice

Design thinking, LEAN Management, CIP, Kanban, shop floor management, Heijunka – there are multiple methods we deal with every day. Our advisors are available on site in order to analyse processes, put trends into practice, accompany implementations, and design individual solutions. For that we can depend on our years of experience on the market – We have already seen, experienced, thought through, and developed so much, so that we were always able to make the best solution possible for our customers.

Image of the Kanban-Method.


Kanban is a method for the control of production processes. The aim is to control the value-added chain of separate production steps at optimal cost. The methodological process is oriented towards the actual material usage at the place of deployment or rather use. With Kanban it is possible to reduce local inventory.

WEIGANG offers many possibilities to implement Kanban in different ways to suit your needs. Whether as a board solution, digitalised as eKanban board, or as a solution with pockets – we support you in finding and implementing the correct Kanban method.

Man working with WEIGANG TaskBoard.

Agile Projectmanagement

Kanban and scrum are just two buzzwords for the topic of agile project management. Flexible project management with an open outcome is one of the great trend issues on the market – across industries. For the effective practical application, we have developed the appropriate planning board for the implementation of agile project management – the TaskBoard!

Image of people and Design Thinking.

Design Thinking

Design thinking – a current buzzword in the area of agile work, product development, and creation. We have already been able to gather experiences in this area. With our partner Launchlabs by our side, we have begun a trendsetting co-creation. Under the brand what if we fly we offer the right furniture for use in design thinking processes. Visit our shop!

Shop Floor Management 

Shop floor management supports the consistent development of processes and procedures at the place of value creation. We offer a wide range of products to present key figures, CIP processes or various information transparently. This means that all parties involved always have all important information at their fingertips.