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Co-Creation with launchlabs

We are developing a new type of planning board in the area of design thinking with our co-creation partner launchlabs. This new type of planning board embodies the approaches of agile work, especially of design thinking. This is an entirely new field for us as well, onto which we have now ventured forward - successfully and with exciting new realisations.

launchlabs is a consulting company from Berlin in the area design thinking and agile methods. The concept enables experienced companies to act as agilely, creatively, and innovatively as modern startups. The founder and director, Simon Blake, was notably involved in the development of the School of Design Thinking, Potsdam, at the Hasso Plattner Institute. launchlabs developed their own workshop concept for design thinking, as well as agile methods. For this, extremely light planning boards were required. With this wish, Simon Blake approached WEIGANG. From the start, we created the product together as partners. Within a short time, we gave different prototypes we had developed into the discussion with all those involved, following the methods of design thinking. 

Menschen arbeiten agil.

Design Thinking is a creative process. (Image: Copyright launchlabs / Photographer: Christoph Leib) 

Why was the Board designed this way?

The board serves the creative process as a medium to record and visualise ideas, first and foremost. Nothing should distract the user from this - especially no thoughts to where the board for writing down is located. The board is exactly where it is required: On the wall, on the shelf, or on the table, right where discussion and creative exchange are taking place - The main thing is that budding ideas can be recorded.

In order to fulfil these requirements, we use new materials both for the boards themselves, as well as for their mounting options. Together with launchlabs, we developed completely new approaches. That was also an interesting process for us!

Another part of launchlabs’ workshop concept is a specially designed shelf, as well as a table construction. Here, too, our board has a special role. It can be attached to the shelf (both are fitted with velcro). The result is a practical symbiosis between shelf and board. The specially developed table also has a central role launchlabs’ workshop concept. The Ideaframe is designed in a way that it can be stored in the table - once the creative process is concluded, the board can simply “vanish” and is neatly stowed away.

Besides these first types of boards, the co-creation is continuing. We will continue to develop further helpful tools for the area design thinking and agile methods. Visit our online shop

Co-creation of WEIGANG and Launchlabs.

Design Thinking is an exciting process for creative people. (Image: Copyright launchlabs / Photographer: Christoph Leib) 

WEIGANG combines core competencies with new forms of cooperation

About a year ago, WEIGANG, the manufacturer of organizational resources, started its cooperation with the Berlin transformation professionals of launchlabs. In a short time, this has become an intensive partnership that breathes the spirit of co-creation and has also created a close relationship with the furniture designers of the Pool22 network.
"Whether it's the methodological approaches or the realization of modern work environments - we already felt at our first meetings that we were on the same wavelength as the transformation experts from launchlabs," reports Stefan Schneider, Head of Product Development at WEIGANG. Within a few months, a team from the traditional manufacturer of organizational and visualization tools has pushed the cooperation with the Berlin-based company so far that the first concrete system products have already been developed. The third player in the cooperation - the furniture design network Pool22 - also plays a major role here. launchlabs provides the methodical tools in this triumvirate - keywords: design thinking and agile methods - and Pool22 above all contributes its design and furniture expertise, while WEIGANG contributes its extensive production and sales know-how in addition to its extensive practical experience. "All three companies act as ideas and impulses for the realization of new products that serve the goal of establishing innovative organizational structures and agile management processes in the industry," emphasizes Stefan Schneider. The strengthening bond of the joint work is formed by the still quite young idea of the so-called co-creation, to which all participants feel obliged. It goes far beyond the usual concept of partnership between companies - usually conceived as short-term alliances of convenience - and is supported by a trusting and very open relationship with one another. Simon Blake, founder and CEO of launchlabs, explains: "Co-Creation is characterized by an honest mutual appreciation with a friendly attitude, a common way of thinking and an objective in which all players can be found. From the very beginning, these values have also been the driving factors behind our cooperation with Pool22 and WEIGANG."

Quickly from the idea to the product

Characteristic of successful co-creating is the very rapid transformation of initially vague ideas into ready-to-use products. It is therefore not surprising that the inspiring tête-à-tête from launchlabs, Pool22 and WEIGANG led to the first market-ready product after just a few months. It is a flexible whiteboard developed with agile methods, fine-tuned by WEIGANG and currently also manufactured in Ebern.

Weigang, launchlabs, Berlin, Ebern

The jointly developed Ideaframe

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